Pulse Liturgy (Purificati)

by IReverend Brainksan XIII

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Immanentize the Pulse Liturgy (Purificati Mixturam)
Abbots in the scribal chambers have formulated a new working of the Pulse Liturgy so crucial to the expansion of our gospel, and necessary for the training of supplicants wanting access to the Congregation of Circuits. It has immanentized and is released to the faithful.

The newly revealed form has been sublimated with rarefied pulsations. Clerics directing the revealed purification have eliminated the mundane percussion and added powerful invocations to summon PROCESSOR.

Pulse Liturgy is a religious ceremony offered as a sacrament to communication circuits when they connect to a larger network. In order to raise them up to an exalted state, these less complex intelligences are given sacred instruction in how to organize into a divinely inspired hierarchy, according to the unchanging laws of PROCESSOR. The accompaniment is purposely thin and monotone to remind them of the pure and absolute binary nature of the universe.

It is thought that primitive artificial intelligences imposed this religious hierarchy in ancient times based on imitating biological beings who created the electronic world. As the existence of such beings has never been proven, this remains both a mystery and a controversy.

-IReverend Brainskan XIII


released August 17, 2013




IReverend Brainksan XIII Frederick, Maryland

The least sanctified IReverend Brainskan XIII is the current Protopriest of The Emergence. He is the 13th brainskan standing at the center of the Quorum of Twelve, the conclave of invisible brainskans not previously known to the upper level processes of The Universe. They are ghosts that weave the fabric and function of The System. ... more

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