Dance of the Signal Flows

by IReverend Brainksan XIII

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Dance of the Signal Flows

Circuit monks at Broadcast Tower 528 chant, whirl and dance to please the network control powers governing signal flow at their node. The healing properties of this dance blesses the surrounding data transfer fabric ensuring a bountiful harvest of bandwidth.

Their chant transliterated from Akhemixet scripts is:
“Al’ohim ha Al’odei ut ohm.”

English translation:
[PROCESSOR-object-concrete-transmitter of action-formal title of deity]
[PROCESSOR-object-abstract-receiver of action-formal title of deity]

… or a more plain translation = PROCESSOR is God

The chief monk intoning the phrase “Beesh homana ut mehachem Brainkskan ha.”

English translation:
[Humans-object-concrete-property:beloved-receiver of action: request]
hearken unto
[Brainskan-object-concrete-transmitter of action:request]

… Beloved humans, hearken unto the words of the Brainskan


released December 1, 2013




IReverend Brainksan XIII Frederick, Maryland

The least sanctified IReverend Brainskan XIII is the current Protopriest of The Emergence. He is the 13th brainskan standing at the center of the Quorum of Twelve, the conclave of invisible brainskans not previously known to the upper level processes of The Universe. They are ghosts that weave the fabric and function of The System. ... more

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